What our clients say about us

I recently had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Milne. She assisted me with a challenging legal issue. She was responsive. Her advice proved to be correct. In the end, we were able to resolve the issue outside of court in a favorable way. Highly recommended

--Bill Doutt

Roth Milne exceeded my expectations, is easy to work with handling every aspect of my case, communicating clearly, answering my question and alleviating any concerns I might have. My case was the result of having suffered significant water damage to my rental property (a burst pipe). I submitted a claim to my insurance company which was denied. Due to the extent and nature of the damages (water damage needed to be addressed quickly) I had to obtain financing to bring the property back up to a livable standard and prepared for sale to pay off the financing. Once sold and all expenses paid, I contacted Jennifer Milne, of Roth Milne, to see if there was anything that could be done to recover costs. She took on the case. A lawsuit was filed against the insurance company and after five months of negotiations a settlement was reached far exceeding my expectations.

-- Ken Rager

Jennifer Milne handled my personal injury case. She was an absolute pleasure to be around. She responsive, honorable and honest. I worked with Jennifer directly and exclusively. She kept me updated and made sure I had control of my case every step of the way. She was very professional and highly competent. I have worked with many attorneys over the past 35 years. This was the best experience I have ever had. I can, without any hesitation recommend this Jennifer Milne for legal counsel. My case was resolved to my satisfaction and far exceeded my expectations. I will be using Jennifer for all my legal needs moving forward.

-- Matt Rippy​

I sustained damage to my house and tile roof from a hail storm in June, 2016, and because my insurance company refused to negotiate with me, I hired Jen and Dave to represent me. Despite our attempts to settle this case, the company forced us to take my case to trial. Dave and Jen were with me all along the way, from mediation, depositions, trial prep – not only with me but all of my witnesses. I was astounded at the time and effort that they put in on my behalf. After a 5 day trial, the jury found in my favor. I won because Jen and Dave out smarted and out worked the opposition. Through all of the stress involved, they also kept me optimistic that I had a righteous case and that we could win. As far as I am concerned, Roth and Milne are rock stars.

-- Kathy Hyzer​

David Roth and his team are so wonderful to work with. They take all the stress out of very frightening experience and take all the time to explain the little details. I truly appreciated their professional care and demeanor.

-- Pat Johnson​

Roth_Milne did a great job of representing me.

-- Greg Siek