When looking for Help look no further

Because Roth Milnes goal is to help you in a dark time, we’re working towards answering your legal questions surrounding Personal Injury and Property Damage and the corresponding claims you may have pending with your insurance company. Most companies will work with you, helping to get your life back together. After all, you’ve paid your insurance company just for this reason. 

In some cases, especially with a roof damage claim, insurance companies may let your claim fall through cracks in the system.  To start, talking with an insurance company should be easy for you, their process may differ from agency to agency, however, there is a defined process to submit a claim, and the help you deserve.

Should you find this process a tall order, work with a public adjuster to pull documentation together about your damage, and try working with your insurance more aggressively, you can hire a firm, like ours, to pull together a plan, and help push the process in the right direction. 

Insurance companies can see reason, and with the help of your attorney, will help you with the proper monetary support.