Insurance claims & Coverage

Fundamentally, you should never have to hire an attorney to get your insurance claim paid. However, disputes do happen. Sometimes, it’s an issue over the cost of repairs to your home or business property. Other times, an insurance company may deny a claim in whole or in part. Whatever the case, Roth Milne can assist you in getting your claim paid and holding the insurance company responsible, if necessary. 

Colorado law requires insurance carriers to timely investigate and pay valid claims, and it establishes consequences for companies that fail to do so.

Our attorneys at Roth Milne have assisted in resolving hundreds of insurance claims, including claims related to bicycle accidents, car accidents, hail damage, fire damage, loss of income or business interruption, personal injury, and business liability.  We are can confidently and professionally help you navigate the Colorado claims filing process and advocate on your behalf to receive just compensation.

In addition to helping you through the claims process, we will take any other legal steps necessary to ensure a fair outcome. Whether it’s filing a lawsuit, winning at trial, or establishing Supreme Court precedent, we are in your corner. We represent you, the policy holder, and no one else. 


Hail Damage 

Water Damage

Fire Damage

Business Interruption/Lost

Business Income Loss

Business Liability Claims

Bad Faith Insurance Claims

Unreasonable Delay/Denial of a Claim

Coverage Opinions

Car Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

An initial consultation with our attorneys is always free. If you have questions regarding the Colorado claims filing process, or if you have been injured in a bicycle or car accident, please contact us using the form below and one of our attorneys will reach out to you to discuss your claim. You can also always call us to discuss your claim at (303) 662-8082.


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