types of Insurance Claims Process and

Fundamentally, you should never have to hire an attorney to get your insurance claim paid. However, whether it’s a dispute over the cost of your repairs to your home or business property, or if your insurance company has denied your claim in whole or in part, Roth Milne can assist you in getting your claim paid and holding the insurance company responsible, if necessary. 

Colorado law requires insurance carriers to timely investigate and pay valid claims, and establishes consequences for companies that fail to do so.

The bicycle accidents attorney at Roth Milne in Denver, Colorado have assisted in resolving many types of insurance claims like the insurance claim process for car accidents, bicycle accidents, hail damage, Fire Claims, Business Interruption/Lost Business Income, Business Liability Claims, insurance claim settlement process in Denver. 

We only represent policyholders. Whether it’s hail damage to a home’s roof or lost business income as a result of a fire, our attorneys have the experience to get results with your insurance company. 

We will fight for you to make sure you are treated fairly. Whether it’s assisting you through the claims process, resolving your case by filing a lawsuit, winning at trial, or establishing Supreme Court precedent, the attorneys of Roth Milne have done it, and been highly successful in doing so.

Roth Milne handles these types of Insurance Claim Process and Coverage Cases:

Hail Damage Insurance Claim

Water Losses

Fire Claims

Business Interruption/Lost

Business Income

Business Liability Claims

Bad Faith Insurance Claim

Unreasonable Delay/Denial

Coverage Opinions

Insurance Claim Process for Car Accidents

Bicycle Accident Insurance Claim

An initial consultation with our attorneys is always free. If you have questions regarding the Denver insurance claim process for car accidents or the insurance claim settlement process, please submit them to us below and one of our attorneys will reach out to you to discuss your claim. You can also always call us to discuss your claim at (303) 662-8082.