So, You’ve Had a Bicycle Accident, What’s Next?

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Hire a Bicycle Accident Attorney to Claim the Insurance

Accidents tend to happen when you are on the road. No matter if it is while being in a car, bus, or bicycle, sooner or later, it could happen to you. You may wonder when the inevitable happens, what should be your first step?

Bike riding is very common in Denver, CO, and so are bike crashes. Thousands of people in Denver ride their bikes daily. After all, cycling is a great way to reach most places while being the perfect way of exercise. However, if riding a bike has led to you meeting an accident here is what you need to do first:

Call the Police

It is important that you immediately contact the police after the accident to make sure that the entire scenario is documented before you call a Colorado accident attorney. The police will help you determine the sequence of events leading to the accident i.e., whether the other party was drunk, distracted, or just negligent. They will list all the pertinent details about the accident that will help support your claim.

Claim the Insurance as Soon as You Can

In Denver, Colorado, bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as other drivers on the road. Unfortunately, when a car or other larger vehicle hits the bicycle rider, it results in more harm to the cyclist than the one driving that vehicle. In such cases, you must address the appropriate issues rather than panicking. If you didn’t do it right away, you will have up to two years to file a lawsuit against the guilty. 

Of course, you must obtain treatment for your injuries before they become worse.

After getting the treatment, you should work with a qualified Denver bicycle accident attorney to seek the insurance claim. Consulting a bicycle accident attorney is a smart choice to make for claims with insurance companies rather than handling the claim on your own. Start with obtaining the pictures of the bike to ascertain the damages. You can also make a note of important details about the accident that might help you later.

Denver Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Meeting a team of Denver bicycle accident attorneys is important while pursuing your claim. You may or may not know all the laws that protect your rights in such cases. But an experienced Denver bicycle accident attorney will keep you posted about the bicycle laws and what you must do to secure the claim. An experienced Denver bicycle accident attorney will engage his knowledge to protect your rights and secure your compensation from the other party.

After you submit your claim to the insurance company, you must consult a bicycle accident lawyer for following the right protocol. If you seek the best bicycle accident law firm in Denver, Colorado, Roth Milne is just a call away from you. Known as the base of the most trusted bicycle accident lawyers in Colorado, Roth Milne will ensure that you are rightfully paid for your loss and suffering. Get in touch with them today to know more.