Understand the Different Insurance Claims

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Understand the Different Insurance Claims

People need insurance not just for themselves but for protection against any unexpected events – illness, car accidents, fire, or natural disasters, hail damage, bad faith insurance, etc. If you experience personal injury or another sudden and accidental loss covered by an insurance policy, you can file a case against an insurance company if you have a valid claim that the insurance company does not properly evaluate and pay.

Speaking to a personal injury lawyer in Denver, Colorado, and an insurance expert who can handle Hail Damage, Fire Claims, Business Interruption/Lost Business Income, Business Liability Claims, like the attorneys at Roth Milne, will help you to better understand if your case is viable or not.

For more information, check the types of insurance claims where we can help you here at Roth Milne.

Business Interruption/Business Income

Business interruption insurance may compensate you for lost revenue when you have to close your business because of a disaster or another emergency. The goal is to help you protect your business if you cannot continue normal activities.

Hail Damage Insurance Claim

Hail can cause damage varying on the scale and intensity of hailstorms. Any property in the open may sustain damage from hailstorms, such as a vehicle, roof, siding, windows, fence, deck, and paint, to name a few examples. A hail damage lawyer or attorney in Denver, CO may help you to get out of these bad situations.

Water Losses

Water loss is another common insurance claim that can come from a leak, a burst pipe, or even a flood. If there is water intrusion left unattended, mold and mildew may develop, but coverage is often severely capped in most insurance policies.

Knowing what your policies do and do not cover when it comes to these emergencies will help you to better understand if your case is viable or not.  

Fire Claims

Your life can transform when you have a fire in your home or in your business. You do not just have to worry about what you lost, but you may also have to list all of the items damaged in the fire. Hundreds of items could have been burned, lost, or need to be repaired from a major fire or smoke.

Getting fire insurance and knowing what your insurance policy covers on fire damage can help save you money in the long run.

Business Liability Claims

Business liability insurance serves to protect you when allegations are made that others have suffered physical harm or damage on your business property. This may sometimes include protection from reputational harm or advertising errors.

Bad Faith and Unreasonable Delay/Denial

If your own insurance company fails to properly evaluate and pay covered benefits on your claim within a reasonable time period, you may take the help of bad faith insurance lawyer Denver, co and also be able to bring claims for bad faith and/or unreasonable denial and delay against your carrier.

You may also be able to bring a claim against your insurance company for a failure to perform other obligations that your carrier owed to you pursuant to the terms of your insurance policy.

Coverage Opinions

When policyholders need more legal advice, they can contact lawyers who understand insurance policies and coverage disputes.

David Roth and Jennifer Milne have experience in helping clients like you with understanding and going through insurance policies such as business, property/casualty, and automotive. Contact them today to fully understand your options.