Should I Handle My Own Personal Injury Claim?

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Should I Handle My Own Personal Injury Claim?

If you think you have a valid personal injury case and are thinking about claiming personal injury in court,  you should work with a qualified personal injury lawyer in Denver, Colorado. Having a personal injury lawyer will help maximize the value of your claim, and while you may think you can save legal fees by handling the case yourself, an experienced personal injury attorney will likely maximize the number of damages you will recover.

A Roth Milne personal injury attorney Denver, colorado can help you file a personal injury lawsuit that aims to recover good past, present, and future damages related to an accident. 

If you have a significant injury and damage to a vehicle or human-like Automobile Accidents, Bad Faith Insurance Claims, Bicycle Accidents, Brain Injury, Catastrophic Injury, Dog Bite Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, it may be a good idea to have a lawyer with experience in handling claims with insurance companies rather than try to handle your claim on your own.

If you are entitled to compensation, you need experienced, legal representation that can help you make a convincing case. An experienced personal injury lawyer Denver brings a knowledgeable perspective to the negotiations with your insurer and the settlement of your injuries and claims. Call Roth Milne today to get started!


Although the idea of handling personal injury claims for Brain Injury, Catastrophic Injury, Dog Bite Injury, Spinal Cord Injury may sound simple at first glance, one of the reasons there are personal injury lawyers is that the process is complicated and victims need a lawyer by their side to fight for their rights.

In the case of minor injuries, you might not want to hire a lawyer and want to instead try to negotiate the personal injury claim yourself.

However, this may cost you more in the long run. If you are trying to take your case to court, your insurer will take advantage of the fact that you are not experienced in handling personal injury claims.

Trying to handle your own personal injury claim is exactly what insurers want and can cost you more than you expected. 

Having an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you prepare, submit, and, if necessary, file a claim for damages. He or she can answer specific questions about your insurance, insurance coverage, and other issues.

A knowledgeable lawyer can not only help you with filing a claim for personal injury but also help you understand your rights and obligations after a serious injury.  

If you have any questions or concerns about starting a personal injury claim or court proceedings, you can Contact Roth Milne for more information on how to file a claim for personal injury.