The media will bludgeon the public for weeks on end with the shootings in Christchurch. Meanwhile, how much news coverage have you seen regarding the larger-scalekilling of Christians by Muslims in Nigeria?

The recent death toll of Christians in Nigeria has reached 120 with [last] week’s slaughter of more than 50 by Fulani Muslim militants in the Kaduna state of Nigeria, the Christian Post reported.

The Fulani jihadists, who have become a greater threat to Nigerian Christians than the Islamist terror group Boko Haram, stormed the villages of Inkirimi, Dogonnoma, and Ungwan Gora in the Kajuru Local Government Area last Monday, destroying 143 homes, killing 52 people, and wounding dozens more.

Unlike Christchurch, this isn’t a one-off.

Monday’s incident followed an attack the day before in the Ungwan Barde village in Kajuru, where 17 Christians were killed and dozens of homes were burned.

In the first week of March, Muslim extremists massacred more than 30 Christians in Karamar village, setting fire to several houses and a church.

This is to be expected anywhere Muslims constitute a large percentage of the population but do not yet completely control the country. For other examples, refer to Lebanon in the 1980s or France in the 2020s.

This story doesn’t fit the media’s Islamophile narrative, so don’t expect to see much about it on TV.

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