Patrols were increased around neighborhood mosques after at least 49 people were slain in coordinated attacks yesterday in Christchurch, New Zealand.

“The LAPD is monitoring the horrific events unfolding in Christchurch, New Zealand,” the LAPD tweeted. “While this attack appears to be an isolated incident with no nexus to LA, out of an abundance of caution we’re providing extra patrols around mosques. Our thoughts & prayers are with all affected.”

The New York Police Department also stepped up security at mosques around the city while “closely monitoring” the Christchurch massacre.

Other localities around the globe expressed similar concern and caution after the mosque attacks that were called right-wing terrorism by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. One of the three suspects confirmed to be in custody is Australian.

NSW Police issued a message assuring the public “there is no ongoing or specific threat to any mosque or place of worship in Sydney or across New South Wales.”

I actually disagree with the NSW Police message.

Threats to mosques, places or worships, and other public places are always in danger of attack by deranged individuals. In a country like the United States with more than 300 million citizens, there will also be mentally ill, evil, deranged, irrational people ready to kill and maim for any or no reason.

Part of being a resilient organzation is recognizing the potential threat to your business. Understand the nature of potential threats, whether those be natural or manmade disasters, terrorist threats, disruptions to supply chains. The list is long, but part of being resilient is understaanding those potential risks, and planning ahead of a potential incident.

For example, mosques or almost any place of worship, should understand that bigoted, mentally ill, or just evil humans may see you as a target. While the likelihood of anyone attacking your organization may be low, the consequences of an individual attacking your organization is catastrophic.

Resilience requires people to assess risks, and taking at least minimal defensive measures to minimize the consequences of an attack or indicident affecting your organization. I don’t think we should hardened all places or worship or businesses to the point that they become fortresses. But I do believe minimal steps should at least be taken to help reduce the risk of what occurred at these mosques or other places of worship or business.

Resilience is analyzing the risks you face and analyzing the steps you can take to mitigate against those risks in a reasonable and cost-effective way that your organization can afford.

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